Single Unit* light scratches, stains (a) and/or single small chip (dime-sized or less) $150  ( c )
Single Unit* gouges, large chips (size of a quarter) $150  ( c )
Single Unit* improper support, foam for added support $300 $350
Single Unit* severe stains (b) requiring re-rolling the bottom $200 $250
Vinyl Window light scratches and/or single small chip (dime-sized or less) $170  ( c )
Vinyl Window broken pieces (edges or corners) $170 $220
Vinyl Handrails light scratches and/or small chip (dime-sized or less) $170  ( c )
Kitchen Corian light surface scratches, polishing  (chips or cracks cannot be repaired) $180 $250
Stainless Steel light surface scratches and polishing (deep gouges cannot be repaired) $150  
Additional Unit** light scratches and/or small chip (dime-sized or less) $100  
Additional Unit** gouges, large chips (size of a quarter) $120  
*unit refers to an individual tub, individual shower or individual vanity.    
** additional unit refers to tubs, showers or vanities that need to be repaired and may be in a different (or the same) bathroom as the first unit being  repaired at the same address.
(a) Some stains can be removed with an overnight soaking.  We cannot guarantee that this will remove all stains, but it does work 75% of the time.
(b)  Re-rolling the bottom of a tub will require 24 hours to dry.  This is the only grunted way to cover all stains.  
(c) Call for pricing      
When there are more than three full bathrooms in a house, each unit is available for a discount at the discretion of DickyAmaya (all discounts must be agreed upon before starting repairs)
Your satisfaction is my upmost concern.  My aim to provide the highest level of service and materials as expected during the original manufacturing process.  Therefore, I use the same standard of visual inpection, commonly referred to as a  general "arm's length."

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