Amaya Glaze LLC 

To:      Builder 

From:  Amaya Glaze LLC 

Re:      Proposal for scope of work and price quote on repairs of bathtubs for Builder installed in the Charlotte/Metro area.

 Amaya Glaze LLC has been serving the Charlotte area since its beginning in 1978.  As a reputable subcontractor, I am well respected for the quality of my work and service. 


Amaya Glaze LLC is to supply all materials and labor necessary to repair damage to tubs, showers, counter-tops, and other such items. This includes all materials and tools used in the process.


1.                  Dicky will schedule repairs as requested by supervisors, provided we are given adequate time to fit our schedule.

2.                  When working in an occupied house, Amaya Glaze LLC will contact the supervisor if the homeowner requests additional work to be done.  If the supervisor cannot be contacted, we will have the homeowner contact the supervisor who can then request another trip to be made.

3.                  If upon inspection, the repair to be done will cost more than the usual fee, Amaya Glaze LLC will call the Builder representative for approval.  If a supervisor cannot be reached for approval, Amaya Glaze LLC will reschedule.

4.                  Concerning manufacturer defects, it is the responsibility of Builder to get the authorization of the manufacturer to be billed for the repair. 


A         Builder Responsibilities

1.                  To supply the most timely and accurate scheduling information possible. I need subdivision, address, lot number, final cleaning day and closing day.

2.                  To supply power within 100 feet of job-site, although it is always better to work with power and water in the house for the best results.

3.                  To have work areas clean before work is done.

B          CLEAN UP

Amaya Glaze LLC will be responsible for cleaning up all debris relating to our work. (Airborne particles such as light dust cannot be prevented)

C         WARRANTY

Amaya Glaze LLC will warranty all work for a period of one (1) year from date of work completed unless otherwise stated on the invoice.  Re-repairing the work of another company will always be non-warranty by Amaya Glaze LLC  We do not warranty the repairs of kitchen sinks, kitchen counter tops, appliances, culture marble cracks and natural stone.


 Amaya Glaze LLC has tried to standardize it=s prices. Our minimum fee for repair is $150.00 for homebuilders and manufacturers. 

The first unit repair will be $150.00 and any additional units repaired will be $100.00 each. 

Please note exceptions on our attached price schematic.  

Amaya Glaze LLC will call the Builder representative for approval if repairs will exceed the usual cost.

The following points are exceptions to the above pricing:

!         Having to rough clean the units in order to inspect/repair them

!         Vinyl window repairs

!         Improper installation of bath units requiring structural foam to stabilize

!         Excessive damage

!         Marble vanities that are cracked through (these almost always need to be replaced)

 Amaya Glaze LLC will inspect houses if the Builder representative desires to have this service. We will need to know the closing schedule at least two weeks prior to our expected house check. The house needs to be scheduled at the end of construction and we need power, water and the units to have had their final cleaning. If I am not the last to work in the house, I cannot be responsible if units are re-damaged.

 Please call us if you have any questions or would like to discuss any of these points.

Thank you for the opportunity of  working  with Builder.


Dicky Amaya with Amaya Glaze LLC

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